We know that on March 11 the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the coronavirus outbreak, known as COVID-19, a global pandemic. Since then, the outbreak has evolved rapidly, and governments around the world have diligently taken steps to curb its spread.

For 30 years, VELLMARI has carried out its activity with responsibility. For this reason, we address all clients who, during this health emergency caused by COVID-19, have doubts about our future performance. We inform that VELLMARI will put all its efforts to guarantee the maximum possible hygienic and disinfecting measures. For this, we will have hydroalcoholic gels in the facilities for all of us to use during our stay and, as we have been doing up to now -and at the moment with more emphasis if possible-, we will thoroughly and periodically disinfect with specific products all those common areas susceptible of being touched.

Also, in view of this exceptional situation, we notify you that our Booking and Cancellation Policy will offer extraordinary flexibility to all of those bookings affected by the Alarm Status due to COVID-19 under the following conditions:

  • If the booking is paid for and formalized and the chosen week coincides with the Alarm State (week that we understand the Dive Camp will not be taking place), it will be offered the option to choose any other week in which there is still availability and it is possible to take place the proposed activities.
  • If this option is not possible, only 5% will be charged out of the payment made as management expenses, thus returning the remaining amount.
  • If the student wishes to finish the course externally to the Dive Camp, please inquire by sending an email to


We recommend, for personal use and in order to avoid possible contagions during Dive Camp activities, that each student has its own mask, snorkel and mouthpiece.